Lenard Vare started LVC in 2015 on a part-time basis providing consulting and expert witness services in jail and prison litigation. Since then the need for services has expanded and LVC is now providing services to clients on a permanent basis.

Lenard has 27 years of experience working in jails and prisons. He retired from the Nevada Department of Corrections as a Warden overseeing the operations of three major institutions and has worked in every level of inmate classification from minimum custody fire camp facilities to maximum custody institutions. He served 10 years as the Director of the Napa County Department of Corrections in California before retiring in 2018.

Lenard spent 6 years as an adjunct professor of criminal justice teaching undergraduate courses as well as training law enforcement and correctional agencies on a variety of topics related to the care, custody, and management of inmates, inmate programs, liability issues, safety and security, inmate transportation, use of force, sexual assaults, cultural changes, diversity, emergency preparedness, reducing suicide risks, riot control, managing critical incidents, and decreasing inmate assaults.

Lenard had the opportunity to conduct numerous internal affairs investigations and critical incident reviews through the course of his career, which has been essential in his ability to provide objective reviews and assessment. The goal of LVC is to provide consulting services, conducting case reviews, performing unbiased assessments and providing opinions as an expert witness.


Rule 26 Reports
Internal Investigations
Research/Report Writing
Agency Policy & Procedure Review
Consulting and case review


Jails and Prisons
Use of force
Use of deadly force
Inmate transportation
Pregnant females in custody
Inmates with mental health concerns
Special needs inmates and special housing
Gang management
Staff training
Negligence and liability in jail/prisons
Cultural issues in corrections
Operational security
Suicides in custody
Deaths in custody
Quality of care
Administrative after-action assessment and review
Inmate religious rights
PREA related incidents
Emergency responses
Classification and housing


Consulting with individuals/families before incarceration


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